Dog Food Ratings

Dog Food Ratings 

Some of the first commercial dog foods were made from waste materials from meat processing plants. Since that time, dog food has come a long way. Dog owners can now find information on what is in their dog’s meal and what they ought to or should not be feeding their dog. To choose the best food for your dog, it is important to do research and look at ratings of dog food. Lots of ratings have been made available through different forms of resources and are there to help you choose the most nourishing food for your pet.

Ratings for dog’s food are based on a variety of different aspects. A quantity of these aspects include the ingredients used in each formula, the origin, quality, and level of nutrition. These ratings are also based on the background of each pet food company, including their history, quality standards, and if they have ever been involved in a pet food recall.

Although you ought to research reviews of pet food before purchasing, it is important to understand the issue with these kinds of ratings. They can never reveal the true quality of the ingredients that were used to make the products they try to rate. Not only do most pet food companies conceal the origin of their ingredients, they also alter the sources of those ingredients. It can be said that lots of raw materials used to make dog foods are bought and sold in an open market. The worst part is that manufacturers are not legally necessary to document changes in their suppliers to their customers. This means that raw materials may be bought through less reputable third party suppliers. So when researching these ratings, make positive to research thoroughly.

3 brands that receive a quantity of the highest dog food ratings are Fromm, Innova, and Orijen pet food. However, despite high ratings, lots of people selected to feed their dog a homemade meal than pay the high costs of a “quality” pet food. Even when it comes to the best foods for canines, there’s positive secrets that the manufactures do not must tell us. secret is that the protein levels that are listed on the average bag of food is not listed as a percentage of digestible protein. Usually the digestibility in even quality commercial pet foods is only between 70 to 80 percent. The digestibility of the food can drop to 60 percent or less in some lower quality pet foods.

When feeding your dog a quality home-cooked meal, you can basically steer the you love pet away from things like preservatives, additives, and artificial flavoring. Lots of homemade dog food recipes use fresh, healthy ingredients like bananas, honey, peanut butter, vegetables, apples, and pumpkins. They also use nourishing meats such as fresh beef, chicken, turkey, and fish.


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