Best Dry Dog Food

Best Dry Dog Food 

Veterinarians are asked on a regular basis by dog owners what is the best dry dog food to feed their furry friends. Responsible pet owners understand that lovely health sometimes begins with proper nutrition no matter the cost. However, this answer has not definitive answer because the answers can be tied to the breed, size, & overall health of the dog. So to that finish, the answer is, “it all depends.” Ideally, the best dry dog foods will promote shiny coats, lovely skin, diminish skeletal dysfunctions, gastrointestinal issues, & oral health issues. The best dry dog food will contain a balance of meat or protein based ingredients along with grain-based ingredients such as corn, with a heavier emphasis on protein.

There was a long held belief in the pet world that fundamentally stipulated that protein caused kidney destroy in canines. So lots of dog food manufacturers began to either omit protein entirely or use some kind of protein substitute. That study has long been debunked. It is important here to note that these suggestions are referencing normal, healthy canines that have no thyroid, heart, or any other medical conditions as this can drastically adjust the diet of the dog.

Lots of veterinarians recommend that chicken, or some other poultry be the primary ingredient. That is not to say that ingredients like beef, venison, lamb, or turkey are not lovely choices because they are. However, try to abstain from proteins with a high fat content as this can encourage excess weight & further complications. Conversely, nursing canines do require much more calories in their diet so that the litter as well as the brother will accomplish optimum health.

Again, when it comes to the best dry dog food, there is no one right answer. However what you as a pet owner should look for when it comes to dog food is the nutrition facts. We humans look at the nutritional content of certain items and that dictates what food we will buy, so should dog owners look at the dog food labels. Protein content should at least be thirty percent and fat content should be at least eighteen percent. You should look for certain vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin C and/or E to be present, along with an Omega Fatty Acid.

Here is a listing of some of the best dry dog food that have meat as the top ingredient:

Orijen dogfood

Solid golddog food

california naturaldog food

Taste ofthe wild dog food


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