Canada’s Award Winning Pet food Maker

Orijen brand foods are formulated to provide a natural diet, superior to most other manufacturers. While most dogs and cats are capable of digesting large amounts of cereal based carbohydrate in their diet, it is not a natural diet for them and can lead to digestive and other problems. Because of this Orijen do not add any cereal to their food, using only the highest quality meat and fish, with 20% fruit and vegetable ingredients that are essential for promoting optimum health.

Orijen Puppy food is a biologically-approved, balanced dietetic dry food containing fresh cuts of meat, as well as nutritional quantities of grasses, fruits and vegetables, all considered suitable for human consumption. Contains no artificial ingredients. Available in a corresponding range for kittens and cats.

Orijen dog food  is a biologically adapted recipe food, containing a high meat content of chicken, turkey and salmon, as well as a nutritional balance of vegetables and fruits. This rich, protein-diverse dietetic food is perfect for your adult dog to maintain optimum health and vitality.


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