Orijen 6-Fish Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 29.7lb

Surrounded by Atlantic, Pacific andArctic Oceans,Canadais home to vast, unpolluted lakes and boasts a world-class marine harvest. Reflecting those rich marine resources, and meeting your dog’s evolutionary need for abundant daily protein, Orijen 6 Fish is loaded with high ratios of salmon, herring and flounder from Vancouver’s cool Pacific Northwest waters, plus wild-caught whitefish, walleye and northern pike from the cold northern lakes – all delivered FRESH and preservative-free, so they’re bursting with the essential proteins and fats that nourish your dog completely. Carbohydrate-limited and grain-free to match your dog’s natural diet, Orijen 6 Fish supplies a broad selection of regional fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in phytonutrients, B-vitamins and trace minerals. Veterinarian-selected botanicals – including sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers – mirror the instinct to forage for grasses and weeds. Made with great care and pride inAlberta,Canada, Orijen 6 Fish keeps your dog healthy, happy and strong.

Orijen puppy food review :


This is far and away the best puppy food you can buy for your dog. I have been on a quest for the past 5 years to find a high-quality food that both of my guys like, a mission that has been complicated by some moderate food allergies. Orijen 6-Fish is awesome–the ingredients are locally-sourced and you can rest assured that they know exactly what goes into their products. This food makes my dogs happy and healthy: great skin, great coats, good stool (yes, I’m a dog owner that pays a lot of attention to that).

The cost is a bit high, but I do feel it’s worth it. I made the mistake of changing to a different “premium” fish-based food in an attempt to find a similar formula that was a bit cheaper and noticed the change in my dogs almost immediately–lots of scratching and loose stool. We will stick with Orijen from now on.


We recently adopted a 6 year old black lab, and she’s really overweight. Before we brought her home I did a lot of research on which food would get her healthy, and I cannot believe the quality of this company. Please check out their website, you will be blown away. At any rate I settled on the 6 fish formula because of typicalLabradorallergies skin problems and this food has been fabulous. It does cost a lot, but you don’t feed as much because it’s grain free and it doesn’t have all the extra junk in it (which means they eliminate less too). The largest bag lasts us a little over a month and the company offers a ‘buy a certain number of bags, get the next one free’ check with your local pet store


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