Orijen Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 29.7lb

By nature, all puppies are carnivores- biologically adapted for a diet rich and varied in fresh meats, with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and grasses. Designed to match your puppy’s natural diet, Orijen Puppy replicates the healthy and diverse balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that perfectly support the growth of puppies and young dogs. Loaded with the nourishing meat ingredients (80%) that Mother Nature evolved all puppies to eat, Orijen provides free-run chicken and turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish that are farmed or fished locally and delivered fresh so they’re preservative-free, never frozen, and brimming with the proteins and fats that nourish your puppy completely. Carbohydrate-limited and grain-free to duplicate the natural diet, Orijen Puppy supplies healthful regional fruits, vegetables and botanicals – including sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers – that are naturally rich in phytonutrients, B-vitamins and essential trace minerals.

Orijen puppy food review :


I have a pure white, 2lb, 5 month old, Morkie(maltese/yorkie mix). We were having problems with staining around her mouth, feet, and HORRIBLE tear stains. She was also constipated one day and then had toothpaste texture poo the next on her old dog food.(diamond puppy). After a lot of research I decided to try Orijen Puppy. AMAZING!! NO MORE SALIVA OR TEAR STAINS!! I can not tell you how much better she looks! her coat is even softer! as for her bowls, they are a nice, round, and firm. She seems much happier and is a lot more active on this food than on her old food. I was worried about the price at first, but with these results i would pay more! I think ANYONE who owns a white dog and is having problems with the staining should give it a try! There is no fillers or Tomato Pumace, which is believed to cause staining in Maltese dogs. I would give 10 stars if i could!!


Orijen puppy food is relatively new to me, (approx. 8 months) but not only does my German Shepherd love it..right out of the bag..but I always taste a sample myself! (Not something I would normally do with just any dog food). You’ll find after opening the sturdy bag, the aroma of the Orijen dog food catches your sense of smell like a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or a piece of your favorite meat or fish. I usually buy the blue bag of free-run chichen and fish product because I find it contains the most appropriate ingredients for my German Shepherd. When the box of food is delivered, she is immediately scratching the box to help me open it..she knows it’s for her and can’t wait to get her teeth into it. LORI, Phila.


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