Orijen Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 29.7lb

Orijen Senior Dog Food is now an 75/25 formula! Meaning that 75% of each bag is meat and 25% is other essential ingredients. Orijen puppy dog has still kept all their core concepts of Grain free, high quality natural ingredients and only using free range proteins. This new formula is an overall improvement to the old (70/30) formula. The first 5 ingredients are now fresh (never frozen) meats, perfect proportions of nutrients and the over-all taste and digestibility is improved. Orijen products are made in small batches from ingredients that are natural and about half of the ingredients arrive fresh each day. Orijen does not use chemical preservatives or artificial coloring. The amount of fresh meat that is used, give the kibble a unique shape, smell and color. There are added protein sources to each formula to give more taste and nutrients to the formulas. Fresh meats are low in calcium and phosphorus, which helps make each formula balanced.

Orijen puppy food review :


Recent research has shown that senior dogs with healthy kidneys benefit from higher levels of protein. I fed my 12 y/o Great Dane “Orijen Senior” for about a year. His vet couldn’t believe how young he looked and acted. Eventually, I had to switch to a different brand (which happened to have lower protein) because my dog was allergic to one of the ingredients in Orijen Senior. Since I switched him to the lower protein food a few months ago, he has exhibited visible muscle wasting in his rear end and has lost a great deal of vitality. I can no longer feed him Orijen Senior due to his allergy, but I intend to switch him to another Orijen product as soon as I run out of my current bag of non-Orijen food.


After losing my dog to Addison’s disease and extensive research into the related causes, I confirmed that what a dog eats can greatly contribute to its demise. What I didn’t know was that even some of the “best” and most expensive dog foods can contain preservatives, toxins, and even euthanized animals in its ingredients. How can this be you may ask? Dog food is not FDA inspected. Orijen dog food is made inCanada under their version of our FDA. It is human grade food. We could eat it but I wouldn’t suggest doing so. I did not find it in time to save my one dog but my second dog has made a remarkable transformation in her health. It may be expensive but the fact it is so dense and nutritious, you feed them less. I have absolutely no affiliation with this company, however; I highly, highly, recommend the product. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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