Orijen 6 Fish Dog Food Trial .88 lb.

SURROUNDED BY ATLANTIC, PACIFIC ANDARCTIC OCEANS,CANADAIS HOME TO VAST, UNPOLLUTED LAKES AND BOASTS A WORLD-CLASS MARINE HARVEST. Reflecting our rich marine resources, and meeting your dog’s evolutionary need for abundant daily protein, we load ORIJEN 6 FISH with high ratios of salmon, herring and flounder from Vancouver’s cool Pacific Northwest waters, plus wild-caught whitefish, walleye and northern pike from our cold northern lakes – all delivered FRESH and preservative-free, so they’re bursting with the essential proteins and fats that nourish your dog completely. Carbohydrate-limited and grain-free to match your dog’s natural diet, ORIJEN 6 FISH supplies a broad selection of regional fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in phytonutrients, B-vitamins and trace minerals. Veterinarian-selected botanicals – including sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers – mirror the instinct to forage for grasses and weeds. Made with great care and pride in our award-winning factory here inAlberta,Canada, ORIJEN 6 FISH keeps your dog healthy, happy and strong.

orijen puppy food review :

I have been feeding my dogs Orijen for over two years now. I was at a bar with a buddy and he was telling me how he switched his food to Evo and so I did some research on better dog foods. I decided on Orijen puppy food . I can’t really tell if my dogs coats are better or they are more healthy. On paper it seems to be the best food and it makes sense. The food is sooo expensive and they jacked up the price about 6 months ago. It does help they seem to eat half as much as my old dog food. So, that cuts the cost in half compared to my old food. A big bonus of this is there is half as much poop to pick up. That is huge as I am really lazy. The other thing I noticed is both dogs had some nasty farts. That pretty much stopped on Orijen dog food . Oddly my buddy said it will get worse with the higher protein diet, but it got a ton better. I mean by dogs could drop some room clearing farts. There are cheaper good dog foods out there like Blue. I have thought about switching to it because it is 30 bucks a bag cheaper. For now Evo is worth the money. I can drop 70 bucks at a bar on any given night. 70 a month feeds both my large dogs.


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