Orijen 8020 Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Orijen 80/20 Formula Adult Dry Dog Food is a grain-free formula, containing a rich balance of premium animal ingredients (80%) with fruits, vegetables and botanicals (20%) that dogs would encounter in a wilderness setting. Free-run chicken and turkey, chicken liver, whole eggs and wild-caught fish are farmed or fished within the Canadian region by people known and trusted by Champion Petfoods. The first 5 ingredients are FRESH MEAT, which are low in calcium and phosphorus, helping to make the formula balanced! Using this high amount of fresh meat gives the kibble a unique shape, smell and color. And although your dog may look very different from a grey wolf, they share the same eating anatomy as a carnivore with a diet rich in meat, not carbohydrates or grains.

Orijen dog food reviews :


We researched dog foods and found many to have fillers and things we didn’t want our beloved Westie to eat! Orijen is a fresh, healthy food. Our vet strongly approves of Orijen puppy food and our Westie loves it! She had skin allergies and this has Omega 3’s, fresh fish, good quality protein, minimal fat, no fillers or junk. Her skin itching is gone!


My picky, finicky Chow Chow could barely be coaxed to eat any of the other foods I bought for her until I brought home a bag of Orijen. You would have been under the impression that I was giving her a bowl of raw (or cooked) meat if you saw her eat it and didn’t know better. I’ve been using the brand for years now until recently due to the economy I’ve purchased a couple bags of high quality, less expensive food for my Pit Bull who has always had a healthy appetite… not too picky, so I thought it wouldn’t make a difference, but after a few weeks now he’s been throwing up bile the last three or four days in a row, and just today he threw up his food, so I’m going back to Orijen for him. I noticed there is some pro-biotic ingredients in the Orijen brand as well, so that may make the difference. Either way, I’ve trusted Orijen dog food since my Chow gave me the “tails up” years ago! I also found satisfaction that Orijen was never on the dog food recall list several years ago when pets were dieing from a cheapened ingredient filler coming from a source that people hadn’t known about prior… so I trust the makers.


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