Orijen Adult Formula Dry Dog Food

To maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle for your dog, his diet should tap into his wild side. Your dog craves the deliciousness of the fresh meats and hearty fruits and vegetables found in the wild. Orijen Adult Formula 80/20 Dry Dog Food captures nature?s finest ingredients while offering the high protein, low carbohydrate diet for your adult dog?s overall wellness. Orijen Dog Food is a rich source of chicken, turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish, all providing necessary .

Orijen puppy food review :

I have two picky Golden Retrievers. One girl is 8 years old and the other just turned 2 years. It has taken me forever to find a good kibble they both like and I finally did!!! I researched for the best dry dog kibble and came up with study after study. Origen puppy food was either #1 or at least top 5. I decided to try it and they love it. You can even tell by the smell when you open the bag that this is a kibble made of quality products. It will take time to see how their coats react to the new food, but so far the fact that they are both eating it with gusto is proof enough for me!!!


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