Orijen Large Breed Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 15.4lb

By nature all large breed puppies are evolved as carnivores – which means they thrive on a varied diet rich in fresh meats with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and grasses. With high ratios of free-run chicken and turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish – all farmed or fished locally and delivered fresh each day – Orijen Puppy Food Large Breed is brimming with the proteins and fats that replicate the same rich and diverse balance of fresh meats that young dogs would encounter in a wilderness setting and nourish them completely. Carbohydrate-limited and grain-free to mirror the natural diet, Orijen Puppy Large Breed bridges the gap between good nutrition and peak health with regional fruits, vegetables and botanicals – including sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers – that are rich in phytonutrients, B-vitamins and essential trace minerals. Formulated specifically for large breed puppies, this special puppy formula is made with special low-ash chicken and fish ingredients that keep calcium and phosphorus at healthy levels – a common concern in large breed puppy diets. Orijen Puppy Large Breed keeps your big puppy dog healthy, happy and strong.

Orijen puppy food review :


We have a 5 month German Shepherd female. This has been the third and best puppy food for our dog. The first one Nature’s Abundance recommended by the breeder. Although a good quality food, the dog would not eat it, hated the taste even if we added fresh chicken or canned food with gravy. I also think the breeder got some kickback from referring this product. We then tried Innova large breed puppy. The taste was better, but my pup had constant very soft non-formed BM’s. After reading reviews about Orijen I thought we’d give it a try. From the very first bite my pup loved it. She will eat the dry food plain, a first for almost any dog I’ve owned. As recommended we gradually increased the portion of Orijen to the old dry food. When we were at about a 50/50 mix, my pup’s BM’s started to become formed and more normal. We are finally at 100% of Orijen, no problems noticed, feeding is a breeze, no more finicky eater and the BM’s easy to pick up! I think this is a winner.


This dog food is the best dog food and I see no change in food in the future. I do not have alot of money by any means, but I will always feed my 3 black labs the very best. This is the best food out there, in my opinion, and obviously others agree. This dog food is a 6 star dog food and it doesn’t get any better, literally. My pups are growing slowly and correctly. I love my pups and the price is worth their happiness. I eat well and so should they. Their coats are absolutely amazing and they are happy. That alone is worth the price.


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