Orijen Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, .88lb (Trial Size)

Orijen Puppy Food replicates a dog’s natural diet, while supporting their growth and development with a nutritious balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses. This healthy formula contains 80% delicious meats including free-run chicken and turkey, chicken liver, whole eggs and fresh wild-caught fish and 20% of vitamin-enriched fruits and vegetables. Orijen Dog Food is grain-free with a limited amount of carbohydrates.Large Breed Puppy is made with low-ash chicken and fish ingredients to help keep healthy levels of calcium and phosphorus.

Orijen puppy food review :


As far as dry dog food goes, this stuff is the nest that money can buy. Dogs prefer the taste of nutritionless brands like Alpo and Iams – just like people want to eat hamburgers and ice cream all day – but we know that eating just what tastes “good” isn’t necessarily healthy. If you can’t home cook for your dog, and if you can’t be bothered with quality canned food like Spot’s Stew, then this plus raw carrots and bananas from time to time is the next best thing.


This has 40% protein which seems to be too much for my dog. The ingredients are great which is why i wanted him to try it. He is 13 pounds, pretty active, don’t know if size matters. The first day he had it, he liked it but then he started itching a lot and then refused to eat it. I gave it to him for another week anyway mixed with his regular food which is taste of the wild, but the itching persisted. I guess his body can’t handle it, and he’s not allergic to the proteins because he is currently eating all the same proteins in his regular food and treats. He is back on his old brand and is now fine, no more crazy itching.


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