Orijen Senior Formula Dry Dog Food

Biologically Appropriate for SENIOR DOGS OF ALL BREEDS As dogs age their bodies become less efficient at metabolizing the proteins which are vital to maintaining their muscle mass and physical conditioning In addition to more dietary protein senior dogs require fewer calories and more importantly fewer carbohydrates primary contributor to the obesity and diabetes common in today s senior dogs And while current veterinary science is clear and unanimous in its finding that low protein does more harm than good most conventional diets are still formulated with lower protein higher carbohydrates exactly what senior dogs DON T need In order to supply the quality meat proteins that older dogs need ORIJEN SENIOR is bursting with free run chicken turkey whole eggs and wild caught freshwater saltwater fish all farmed or fished within our region and delivered to our door fresh never frozen each day Grain free and naturally low in carbohydrates ORIJEN SENIOR features regional fruits and vegetables including sweet russet potatoes green peas and black currants from local prairie farms red delicious apples and cranberries from interior orchards and organic sea vegetables from North Vancouver Island Fresh wild caught fish provide a rich source of biologically appropriate Omega 3 DHA and EPA to nutritionally support the immune system and a vibrant skin and hair coat your senior dog s outer symbol of health and vitality Bridging the gap between good nutrition and total physical well being veterinarian selected botanicals include dandelion root sweet fennel and peppermint leaf all of which soothe tone the digestive tract strengthen the liver and help control insulin levels Made exclusively in our family owned award winning factory Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN SENIOR is a naturally delicious way to ensure a long healthy life for your trusted companion .

Orijen puppy food review :

We switched our dogs to this food after reading about what is in grocery store brands. I believe they were on Beneful. (garbage) The change was amazing! They have been on Orijen puppy food for around 3 yrs now and they are doing great! We have a bassett mix, and elderly lab mix, and a beagle. The changes in their fur were amazing! Their coats went from dull and dry to soft and shiney. We get comments all the time on how shiney and soft they are. Another nice effect is that since there is no corn in the food, our dogs do not smell at all anymore. Dogs cannot digest corn properly and thats why you get that “dorito” smell with the cheaper foods.

Our older lab mix’s arthritis improved drastically and he has such a spring in his step for an old guy (13yrs.) I honestly believe Orijen dog food has added years to his life. The beagle always had a touchy stomach too, and after the first 2 weeks or so he was doing better than ever on Orijens. They also all love it. It is so worth the price to me as my dogs are healthier and happier.


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