Poor genetics And Weak Nerves


Dear Mr. Katz:

I recently purchased your book, “Secrets of knowledgeable Dog Trainer!” and have tried terribly arduous to curb my dog Honey’s aggressions, that I even have currently recognized as each concern and food aggression… when reading your book.

But rather than higher, I concern it’s obtaining worse.

We adopted her from the age of 2-3 months, and she or he was fine within the starting. terribly gaga and intensely active. The disorder continues, and she or he still jumps up at anyone drawing near the house. She appears to concern tall men, particularly if they need something in their hands, sort of a rake or spade, and she or he backs removed from strangers, even babies. She is afraid. She gets aggressive with anyone she senses is fearful of dogs, and she or he has gone for them, creating it worse for them, of course! She becomes aggressive with anyone UN agency passes her by once any food is around, and she or he can growl and snarl at them, telling them in result that the food is hers, thus hands off!

To crown it all off, she tangled and growled at American state these days after I went up to stroke her, that she has not done before. I even have invariably tried to correct her, either by the leash, or we’ve got a muzzle that we have a tendency to correct her with, and failing that, i’ll place her in her crate as a penalization. i’m not a novice with a dog. Before Honey, we have a tendency to had the foremost rattling shepherd/husky dog, UN agency was equally abandoned, and that i ne’er had one drawback with him – he was rattling. I even have taken honey to obedience categories – She will sit and keep, additionally goes down once she is tutored to.

I feel that I even have done everything doable to alleviate her aggression, however it does not appear to figure. I even have 2 daughters UN agency each pour love on her too, and quite honestly, i’m afraid someday that she is going to become vicious – are you able to please offer American state some recommendation, as a result of I don’t wish to own to own her place down.

I have tried everything you advocate in your book, as well as projection in her food, and creating her wait to eat last. however i need to be doing one thing wrong! i do know mixed breeds are not your favorite, however please create associate degree exception in my case. i really like dogs, and hate to be overwhelmed. i’m additionally English, and you need to recognize that we have a tendency to square measure softies once it involves animals!

I expect your reply in haste!


Dear Diana,

First, let American state illustrate that I share my home with a mixed breed.

And yes… I like him. a full lot! His name is Forbes and he’s one among the foremost compatible dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.

To be honest, I even have a sense that your dog’s problems square measure much a results of poor genetic science and weak nerves.

But before jumping to any conclusions, you need to 1st acknowledge that every one of the knowledge you have droned on regarding provides American state with NONE of the knowledge i would like so as to assist you.

So… what do want|i want|i would like}? I need to understand what happens once you correct the dog? will she still act aggressive? will she stop immediately? will she try and bite you? will she go submissive? And once you get her to concentrate to you, what is happened once you have began to produce new/positive associations with the stimulant, as delineated within the book?

These square measure all of the queries you wish to be asking yourself. similarly as:

– Is my temporal arrangement on the money? is that the dog associating my corrections with the behavior (the aggression).

– Am I being consistent? (Be honest… if the dog is not obtaining a firm correction on every occasion she exhibits the behavior, then it’s no surprise that you are not obtaining the results you look for.)

– square measure my corrections psychological feature? If the distraction/stimulus is additional motivational than your correction, then you may ne’er get any results. you may recognize that your correction is psychological feature once the dog stops gazing the stimulant and starts gazing you.

Please let American state recognize. However, judgment on what you have delineated i’d not be shocked if this can be principally the results of poor genetic science and weak nerves. And within which case, you’ll ne’er be able to overcome the dog’s genetic science, therefore the dog ought to either be place to sleep or confined to such a life-style that she solely comes to bear with you and other people that she doesn’t show the aggression towards. however before you create any snap choices i’d advocate consulting with knowledgeable UN agency will valuate the dog for you. It’s not possible to relinquish associate degree correct assessment while not seeing the domestic dog. Err… dog.

That’s all for currently, folks!


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